As Covid-19 Continues to Spread, GVC Launches More Gambling Safeguards

As the COVID-19 outbreak has claimed over 25000 lives and affected over 600,000 people all across the world, global sports betting and gaming group GVC Holdings has supported BGC’s timely industry approach that seeks to prevent further spread of the pandemic. It will also help in offering a secure and safe betting and gaming atmosphere.

The group has made a new announcement claiming the release of more accountable gambling precautionary measures that will ensure that its products will be enjoyed as the “safe form of casual entertainment.”

GVC Holdings have emerged as one of the world’s biggest sports betting and gaming groups. The British sports betting and gambling company offers casinos, poker, sports betting, and bingo, among others.

The safety measures have been implemented to ensure that customers do not surpass their financial limits as GVC has identified the increased risks linked with housebound lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak. Many countries have announced lockdowns and social distancing to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

As individuals are getting isolated and there is increased financial stress, the group has decided to take several decisive actions and work on strategies to provide protection to susceptible customers.

GVC CEO Kenneth Alexander said, amid such extraordinary uncertainty prevailing presently, the group has taken a resolve to keep its customers safe and secure as they enjoy our products. The group is highly sensitive to the huge risk for those who have been living in isolation at home or encountered financial woes with lesser access to work.

The enhanced tool of GVC will offer our customers the power to control their spending and time in a better manner, and we have been supporting this by effectively tracking play via our markers of harm, added Kenneth Alexander.

Kenneth Alexander also said that there is a responsibility on our part as an industry to offer maximum protection to vulnerable customers, and we support the approach announced by BFC earlier that strives to offer a template for enhancing player protections.

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