Australian Government launches BetStop for at-risk players

The Australian Government, led by Anthony Albanese, has announced the launch of BetStop. This is a step to help at-risk gamblers by enabling them to take a break from their gambling habits. Most of them can opt to permanently exclude themselves from online wagering. BetStop will be live and linked with all the registered platforms, that is, the platforms that have been granted licenses by the Australian Government.

The minimum period of self-exclusion is 3 months, and there is no restriction on extending the period. Meaning gamblers can choose to permanently exclude themselves.

Once they opt for BetStop, it will be the responsibility of the platforms to not accept any kind of bets from existing players and not allow new players to open an account. Online wagering platforms will also have to ensure that they do not send virtual content, which increases the temptation of making a return to the lifestyle they wish to leave behind. This majorly pertains to marketing material that platforms have the habit of sending to the entire list.

Self-excluded players will be blocked by platforms in accordance with the measure implemented by the Australian Government. Per reports made public, BetStop will be regulated by ACMA, and it will be powered by IXUP Limited. ACMA here stands for the Australian Communications & Media Authority. ACMA is planning to run a campaign with the objective of spreading awareness among the residents of the region. A timeline for the same is yet to be announced.

The launch of BetStop is in accordance with the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering. It also marks the last of the ten measures that the Government was planning to bring to light. This follows the implementation of trading for wagering staff and consistent gambling messaging in March this year.

Another measure implemented under the National Consumer Protection Framework is the mandatory sharing of statements with players. The statement is required to be sent every month, highlighting how much money players have lost and how much they have gained. Also, a ban on the use of credit cards surfaced recently as the Government snatched the function of loot boxes along with similar gambling-like tools in video games.

BetStop is tentatively expected to go into full force by the end of September 2023. According to the latest gambling news, Michelle Rowland has said that the launch of a national self-exclusion program aligns with their commitment to minimizing the harm that is caused by gambling. The Minister for Communications has assured that the program will help players live a better life, especially those who are at the maximum risk of getting addicted.

Amanda Rishworth, the Minister for Social Services, has lauded the implementation of the measure. Amanda has echoed a similar tone by stating that it will minimize the harm of online gambling. Amanda has also said that now all the measures under the Framework have been realized in a record time of one year.

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