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Bangladesh Tourism Secretary states Casinos should be Available Exclusively for Foreigners

Md Mohibul Haque, the Civil Aviation and Tourism Secretary of Bangladesh, had indicated that Casinos should be permitted to foreign nationals at the zones exclusive for tourists across the nation.

Mohibul also stated that Bangladesh has the most exciting tourist places; however, the authorities are not able to make use of those because of the absence of planning. Furthermore, the number of foreigners visiting the country has expanded to two lakhs this year; the secretary also stated that rules for private tour operators would be concluded by this year November.

Mohibul Haque has remarked in a press meet that was arranged in his secretariat to enlighten the media about the ministry’s strategies marking World Tourism Day 2019, which is on September 27th. He said,

Mohibul Haque said

Mohibul also stated that the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism has officially recognized Bagerhat, Cox’s Bazar, Khulna and Satkhira as zones exclusive for tourists.

Mohibul currently supported the progressing drive against illicit casino clubs in Dhaka. When enquired about this drive, he opined, “I fully support the government’s move.” The casino club business in Dhaka is unlawful, and the government has taken the correct measures against those, he included.

In the middle of series of raids done by authorities in casino clubs in Dhaka and few other places, the secretary has said that the legislature will set up new and attractive preparations comprising of casinos at a planned zone exclusive for foreign tourists in few areas. Also, only foreigners will be permitted to enter these foundations by producing their passports to avail these facilities, not the local people; Secretary Mohibul Haque told the reporters.

To restrict the unlawful gambling exercises, law enforcement organizations have raided various sporting clubs across the nation over the previous week and broken down different illicit casinos. Aside from making a few arrests, the security forces have additionally captured large measures of cash and betting supplies from these gambling clubs.

When asked whether the ministry was planning casino clubs with night clubs like the clubs in Bangkok, Mohibul said several Muslim nations were giving different entertainment amenities exclusively for foreign tourists.

Mahbub Ali, state minister for civil aviation and tourism, added that the government had devised huge plans for massive improvements in the travel industry area to attract foreign tourists. Besides, the survey of the delegation of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology on Sundarbans is at the last stage, by adding that they would soon take measures so that foreign tourists can indulge in eco-tourism there.

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