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BetRegal strikes an expansion chord with The Unit

BetRegal is eyeing to get into the casino sector, and The Unit is all set to help the brand venture into the road less taken. Canada is one of the important markets for iGaming, per BetRegal’s belief, and the brand is now, therefore, looking to launch its services in Ontario in the following year. That may be the tentative timeline, but the intention is pretty clear for BetRegal to expand in the Canadian market.

The Unit specializes in digital marketing and building brands for iGaming & sports. The partnership with BetRegal has seen the Canadian brand instill a sense of confidence among customers, building a strong recognition on the foundation of international flexibility.

A similar tone has been echoed by Aly Lalani, the Head of Marketing at BetRegal. Aly has acknowledged that The Unit has done a fabulous job for them in the past, and no amount of praise would suffice the level to which their marketing services have touched upon.

The Unit backs its services, enabling brands to grow authentically and not inorganically. That is one precise point that BetRegal saw as a huge potential. It contributed to the decision by BetRegal to deepen its marketing ties with The Unit. Aly, while talking on a similar line, said that they always collaborate with partners who assist them in authentically embracing the sporting culture of the host market, enabling them to integrate with the local ecosystem.

Such an offering comes in handy when brands like BetRegal want to spread awareness about their brands in a region, Ontario, for example.

Other elements of The Unit that have helped BetRegal gain a strong position in the market are its digital marketing assets and templates. These are time-tested solutions by The Unit that BetRegal has already deployed in other campaigns running across North America. BetRegal now looks forward to continuing the collective effort with The Unit in the months to come.

Paddy Casey, a Co-Founder at The Unit, has appreciated BetRegal, saying that it has been blazing a trail in the Irish gaming market. That has made a rewarding experience for The Unit, having grown the brand along with the team behind BetRegal. Paddy added that they are thrilled to collectively work with BetRegal to ensure better growth. The deepened marketing deal between BetRegal and The Unit is expected to build some more good work over the projects that they have done so far and promote Canadian sports betting sites.

Expressing excitement about working with BetRegal, Paddy said that they now look forward to working with the Canadian venture on new projects, giving them a chance to provide their marketing services which have already made a name for themselves all over the world.

The deepened marketing deal between BetRegal and The Unit is expected to build some more good work over the projects that they have done so far.

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