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BGaming Is Ready With Its First Competition for Online Slot Streamers

BGaming published an update on its official website to launch its first-ever online competition for slots streamers. The competition is scheduled to start on August 10, 2022, and end on August 31, 2022. Participants will be tasked with collecting winning combinations and emotional moments to secure a position on the leaderboard to win a prize pool of $15,000.

The event will go live on Twitch and YouTube. Participants must, therefore, have an account on these two websites. There is no pre-registration process and no limitation on which online casino to choose for streams. Click here to get the list of online casinos where you can start placing your bets and win huge rewards!

BGaming slots up for the streaming purpose are:-

  • Lucky Lady Moon MEGAWAYS
  • Bonanza Billion
  • Aztec Magic Bonanza

Participants can submit their entries in any category, namely Scatters Champion, Multiplier Hero, and the Brightest Moment.

Under the Scatter Champion, participants must collect six scatters and be the first to submit the result. Those who follow the valid submission will lose their spot on the leaderboard, which will be updated in real-time.

The Multiplier Hero category looks to get players to submit the biggest sum of multipliers during the streams. Participants with the biggest sum of multipliers will be rewarded with the prize pool. The Brightest Moment category, as the name suggests, requires participants to submit the most exciting video moments captured during the stream.

The division, or proportion, of the prize pool is currently unavailable; however, the total amount for the prize pool is fixed at $15,000

Entries are accepted in more than one category, giving participants a higher chance of winning the reward, probably more than they could have won with a single category. All the updates will be posted on the official website and Twitter handle of Streamers Race, as highlighted in casino news today.

Kate Puteiko, the Product Marketing Lead at BGaming, highlighted that the priority of the venture was to support and develop the community of the streamers, with many more such events expected to follow in the future.

Kate Puteiko said that the persona of their players has changed. For instance, the average age of their players was 30 years earlier, and it has now come down to 20 years with the new generation pushing the development of the streaming community.

There is an increased interest in their games from streamers, and BGaming is interested in encouraging them to play their games.

BGaming is a creative content provider with over 90 engaging games in the market that have been integrated by more than 700 partners across the globe. Games supplied by BGaming support 90+ currencies and have a proven track record of 100% gambling fairness.

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