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Brandon Staley Clarifies His Stance on Justin Herbert

The Los Angeles Chargers lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars with 10-38 against them. That remained on the lower side, and what attracted the most attention was Brandon Staley, the Head Coach, allowing Justin Herbert to play throughout the game despite having broken rib cartilage.

Quarter-Back for the Los Angeles Chargers could have been benched for the game as it was in a no-win situation already. When asked, Brandon Staley said that Justin remained on the field as he wanted to be with his teammates and finish the game for his side.

Fans took this statement for a spin, saying there was no need to risk the young QB’s life for the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, which was already on the losing edge.

Later, Brandon Staley changed his statement a bit and issued a clarification as per the latest sports news. He said the previous statement was a dialogue before the decision was made. Brandon mentioned that he decided to keep Justin on the field, taking full responsibility for the loss and his health.

Communications are inseparable parts of every sports team. Decisions are made collectively, with the head coach retaining the final say.

Brandon had the power but decided to let Justin give all his efforts to the Sunday event. However, he stressed the need to improve his communication with Justin without regretting the decision. He said that he stands by what he said and would do it again with improved communication with his young player.

The Los Angeles Chargers head coach is taking back a lesson that Justin should know that he has already done enough before moving forward.

His team is facing a rough patch with two more players out of the form due to injury. Rashawn Slater is done for the season due to ruptured biceps, and Joey Bosa is expected to miss a few more upcoming games because of a groin injury.

Fans in the stadium for the Sunday event roared from all sides. The first quarter came in with no score from either team, which changed in the second quarter, where the Jaguars took a lead of 9 after posting 16 on the board. The Chargers managed to put up a score of 7 before moving to half-time.

There was a slight spin for NFL betting during the first quarter. Odds and predictions at top NFL betting sites changed before both teams could go off the field for the break, affecting how participants look at future games.

The Jaguars continued leading the scoreboard with a bigger margin in the third quarter. While they posted 15 scores, the Chargers could only respond with 3 from their side.

Roaring came to a halt as the picture became clear about the kind of situation the Chargers were in. Nothing came in from their team. The Jaguars did put up a 7, though. The conclusive score stood at 38-10 for the Jaguars to claim the match’s title.

The Jaguars are scheduled to play the Eagles on Sunday. Conversely, the Chargers will look to redeem the lost reputation against the Texans on the same day.

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