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Caliplay initiates legal action against Playtech

Caliplay, which also goes by the moniker Caliente Interactive, has initiated legal action against Playtech and its affiliates through the 46th Civil Court of Mexico City. The concerned affiliates are Playtech Software Limited and Playtech Malta.

According to the casino news, The case filed requests the cancellation of the official association amongst Caliplay, Playtech, and other concerned businesses that are mentioned in the multiple signed contracts. Caliplay took this step to assure its customers and business associates that the company has taken the issue seriously.

The Mexican Court accepted jurisdiction over the matter on August 28, 2023, and issued many preliminary judgements before rendering its final decision. This will have matters related to the adjournment of prime rights presently with Playtech, as per the agreement. So as to safeguard the interests of the customers of Caliplay and prevent any hiccups in the company’s functioning, Playtech has been asked to continue providing services and software to Caliplay till the court reaches its final verdict. Amongst the other rights put on hold is Playtech obtaining payments straight from Caliplay for the services rendered. 

Caliplay is eager to conclude the matter as soon as possible and is cooperating with Playtech on all concerns. Caliplay is a top player in the licensed online casino and sports betting space in Mexico. Caliente Interactive, on the other hand, is a top operator in online gaming and sports betting. The company offers various facilities, like real-money online casino betting and online sports betting. The iGaming division comes with conventional land-oriented casino games like blackjack, roulette, and slot machines. 

In the case of online sports betting, users have the option of choosing among 25 sports. Caliente Interactive is into providing betting options for in-progress sports games and comes with live streaming of NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, MLS, and La Liga games. There are tennis tournaments thrown in, too, as well as prime European soccer leagues and much more.

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