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Christopher Moon ends Nikola Mircetic’s run

Following the failure of both of the blinds declared and Mike Vanier placing his betting amount of 35,000, it is Nikola Mircetic who calls out a raise in the blind amount and raises it to the tune of 75,000. 

Simultaneously, and on his turn, Christopher Moon pitches in all he is worth. Following that and on his turn, Vanier decides to drop out and folds. Mircetic grabs the opportunity and makes his pitch of around 450,000. 

According to the latest poker news, at this point in time, the card Mircetic requires does not come his way, and Moon takes over with a better hand. Ultimately, it is Moon who manages to take the game away from Mircetic when he is in the thirty-seventh position. Consequently, Moon walks off with the pickings. 

The end result witnesses Moon with 1,685,000 and the winner’s title and Mircetic walking away with $10,860. This was all played out in the WPT Choctaw season 2023.

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