Cocos-BCX Blockchain Launches Games Week & Six Airdrops

Working as a highly competitive multi-platform for crypto game lovers, Cocos-BCX has announced the launch of Cocos-BCX Blockchain Games Week. The players will enjoy an amazing chance to be a part of six airdrop events involving a prize pool of 1,000,000 COCOS tokens. The event will kickstart from July 13, 2020, at 11:00 AM and shall continue through July 17, 2020, at 17:00 PM (UTC+8).

Cocos-BCX has organized the rewarding week to celebrate its latest achievement with the users. The platform’s most popular game, Crypto Knights, became a rage during the pandemic and recorded an all-time high total transaction value of 15 Million COCOS worth.

Everything about the Six COCOS Airdrops

Two Twitter Airdrops-

Airdrop 1- Win 7,777 COCOS

  1. Retweet the pinned tweet with hashtag#CocosBCX
  2. Tag 2 friends
  3. Follow Cocos-BCX official Twitter & official Medium Cocos-BCX
  4. Enter COCOS Blockchain Games Telegram group
  5. Ten random players will win 7,777 COCOS each.

Airdrop 2- Win 17,777 COCOS

  1. Twitter share your Crypto Knights walkthroughs or review with your heroes’ pictures with hashtags #CocosBCX #CryptoKnights
  2. Follow and mention Cocos-BCX official Twitter & official Medium Cocos-BCX on the post
  3. Enter COCOS Blockchain Games Telegram group
  4. The first five users to share will win 10,000 COCOS and unique NFT assets.
  5. Five best walkthroughs and reviews will be chosen to win 17,777 COCOS and unique COCOS NFT assets.
  6. Redemption Method for the 2 airdrops- The selected users will have to DM COCOS MainNet account to the Cocos-BCX official Twitter page.

FOUR airdrops in COCOS Blockchain Games group

Airdrop 3- Win 2,777 COCOS 

  1. The users need to forward the pinned message to at least one group having a maximum of 1000 members (but not Cocos-BCX groups)
  2. Join the COCOS Blockchain Games Telegram group
  3. First 60 contestants will win 2,777 COCOS
  4. Fill the Google Form immediately after the above procedure
  5. The order of participation is based on the time to fill out the Google Form(

Airdrop 4- Win 7,777 COCOS

  1. Top 5 active users will be selected every day at 17:00 PM (UTC+8) during the stipulated time of the event
  2. Each participant wins 7,777 COCOS and unique COCOS NFT assets
  3. The users must converse about COCOS blockchain games
  4. The ranking of the active users will be taken from the data from the statistics robot.
  5. After the announcement of the winners’ list, the users need to PM Malith(Telegram User ID: MALITH123) your COCOS MainNet account.

Airdrop 5- Rewards for new users

  1. The players who will fail to reach the 5-5 level during the scheduled event time shall receive the Green Hero and Primary Ore new users gift pack.
  2. A total of 100 users will be rewarded on a first come first served basis
  3. One account can be awarded only once
  4. To avail: PM Hilary (Telegram User ID: Hilary0813) with screenshot displaying your level to claimGet the redemption code and go to the Crypto Knights front page. Click on the avatar to enter the code.

Airdrop 6- Chance to win up to 30,000 COCOS

  1. During the event, invite friends to play COCOS Crypto Knights.
  2. At the end, the invited friends who will reach the 5–5 level will be considered an effective referee.
  3. The cheating accounts will be disqualified.
  4. Invite Effective Referees ≥2- wins 7,777 COCOS each and unique COCOS NFT assets (20 places)
    1. Invite Effective Referees ≥5, wins 10,000 COCOS each and unique COCOS NFT assets (15 places)
    2. Invite Effectively invite ≥10, wins 20,000 COCOS each and unique COCOS NFT assets (10 places)
    3. Invite Effectively invite ≥20, wins 30,000 COCOS each and unique COCOS NFT assets (3 places)
  1. To avail the prize: PM Sona (Telegram User ID: SONALEE1) your COCOS MainNet account.

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