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CoinPoker Adopts USDT as In-house Gaming Currency for Poker Fans

Taking pride in being the first crypto poker software, CoinPoker is all set to surprise its global fan community by adding USDT as the in-game currency in the house, making it the first-of-its-kind service in the casino space. The crucial step has been undertaken to revolutionize the playing regime for the gamers, thereby paving the way for the poker room’s success.

As per the report, CoinPoker opted for USDT because of its strong market presence and unprecedented popularity. The stablecoin shines among the top three crypto coins in the industry. The coin will offer secured, speedy, and transparent transactions.

CoinPoker’s native token, CHP, will remain an integral component of the system and work as an exclusive bonus coin. Owners of the CHP coin will be exposed to a plethora of lucrative benefits, including:

Rakeback: The gamers will get a rakeback of 20% for spending their CHP tokens for Community Contributions. The balance in the CHP wallet will be further used by the portal for paying Community Contribution charges automatically. Every Monday, the team will calculate the Contributions paid in CHP by the individual gamers who will receive 20% rakeback in CHP credit. This exciting opportunity can help you become a pro player, even with a small investment.

Sportsbook: This feature shall only be available for the CHP owners. The gamers can invest their rakeback money or excess CHP funds to place wagers on the winning games to increase your bankroll quickly.

Withdrawal fees discount: CoinPoker gives special treatment to CHP owners. By paying the CHP conversion charges, the gamers can always assure some good earnings as they get juicy discounts.

The CHP Converter: The portal has designed a CHP converter that will help them to convert CHP to USDT at their will. Free of cost withdrawals and deposits when conducted for same currency. BTC/ETH tokens will be converted to USDT automatically. The players willing to buy CHP can do it only through exchanges. The portal offers a weekly limit of 1 Million CHP for P2P transfers, withdrawals, and in-app CHP to USDT exchange.

Other Features Offered:

  • Fifty percent more Leaderboard points
  • Special gaming options
  • Amazing promotions
  • Juicy giveaways, etc.

Promotion Event Details: CoinPoker has announced to conduct two promotion events for its gamers, rewarding 100,000 USDT to the winners. The players will be allowed to enjoy the biggest crypto tournament of the portal- Crypto Series of Poker. The cash gamers will get a 2-week Leaderboard giving away 100 places weekly.

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