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Coronavirus Threat Forces Suspension of PSL and IPL Matches in March

The deadly Coronavirus pandemic has taken a serious toll on a global scale, with the healthcare sector facing serious challenges in combating the aggravating situation. The disease has halted the operations of all the major domains, including sports. With COVID-19 spreading its tentacles at a significantly fast rate, an array of globally popular sports events, matches, and gatherings have been canceled or postponed by the sports authorities to ensure safety.

As per the reports, the coronavirus transmits from one affected person to another healthy person through contact or touch. Owing to this reason, governments and health organizations around the world are encouraging people to stay indoors and maintain social distancing until the situation gets improved. This has compelled sports authorities from rescheduling the set matches and events which attract gatherings of sports lovers in uncountable numbers with the hope to avoid the corona transmission.

Given below is the list of the sports matches that have been rescheduled by the concerned authorities because of the corona attack. Have a look:

The semi-final match of PSL had been suspended after one of the overseas players was found to bear the symptoms of the virus. The match was slated to take place on Tuesday, succeeded by the final match on Wednesday. The new dates for the match will be released by the authorities in the future. “One overseas player has been potentially suspected (of having contracted COVID-19). However, we cannot reveal the identity of that player. But there is indeed one suspected case and the player has left Pakistan already,” stated Wasim Khan, the PCB chief executive.

IPL or the Indian Premier League, which was scheduled to start from March 29, 2020, has been deferred until April 15, 2020, in the light of the global corona concerns. The decision has been taken by the committee to ensure the safety of the players, the organizers, as well as the lakhs of cricket fans who buzz over to the grounds to enjoy their favorite matches. The game is likely to be played between April 16 to June 5, 2020.

However, as per the new reports, the BCCI and the IPL franchise owners have decided to adopt a wait-and-watch methodology before finalizing the schedule for IPL 2020. The authorities will indulge in discussions after two-three weeks and will analyze the COVID-19 situation aptly before framing out the match schedules.

Coronavirus has given a major jolt to the global population forcing people to live in quarantine. The preventive measures taken by the governments to safeguard the citizens are being challenged by the continuous growing death rate in different parts of the world. It is advised to follow a hygienic regime to avoid the COVID-19 attack.

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