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Crown Resorts Announce Closure of Perth Casino till Feb 14

Crown Resorts has announced changes to its business operations following fresh directions issued by the Western Australian Government. The government’s five-day lockdown has been extended, and Crown Resorts follows suit by postponing its Perth Casino opening until Feb 14.

However, this is not final, and Crown Resorts will be in close touch with the government and the relevant Australian online casino authorities. All measures regarding temporary restrictions to be imposed by the Govt for Covid-19 will be scrupulously followed. Following this notice, Crown Resorts’ shares are trading at $9.92, with an increase of 1.43 percent.

The changed Standard Operating Procedure of Crown Resorts will be as follows:

The Crown Theatre and the Casino will close all operations until Feb 14. However, food and beverages departments and the hotel and facilities for banquets and conferences other than those located on the casino floor will resume operations from Feb 6. Strict protocols for these premises will be followed as laid down by the Western Australian Government.

These include:

  • Compulsory wearing of face masks by the patrons unless they are eating or drinking
  • Improved hygiene procedures
  • The maximum space density for people should not exceed one person every four square meters. There should not be more than 150 persons at a time at any one venue.

Crown Resorts has confirmed that this announcement is not final and will follow the Western Australian authorities’ future guidelines as implemented from time to time to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

The lockdown announced by the Western Australian Government, led by Mark McGowan, took the State by surprise. Starting Jan 31, 2021, the five-day lockdown had been applied in the Perth metropolitan area, Peel, and Southwest regions. The sudden announcement is the first lockdown in Western Australia in almost 10 months and became essential when a Perth hotel quarantine worker tested Covid-19 positive.

On Feb 1, Crown Resorts complied with the government guidelines and clamped down and restricted its operations across its establishments, hotels, casino, restaurants, and banquet and conference facilities. However, limited takeaway meals and meal delivery services will be continued.

The lockdown ended partially on Feb 6, 2021. This was possible because there were no Covid-19 cases in the State for five consecutive days, and the government felt it safe to get the economy and the affected parts of the State back to normal. But to be on the safe side, several temporary restrictions will be in place till Feb 14, 2021, when all limitations are expected to be lifted.

Regarding the Perth Casino of Crown Resorts, there are certain legalities of the gambling sector in Australia. The first legal and regulated casino was opened in Tasmania in 1973, called the Wrest Point Casino, and to date, there are only five casinos that can be visited in the country.

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Even before the lockdown woes hit Perth Casino, the gaming giant Crown Resorts had been mired in controversy. An alleged international drug boss Chung Chak “John” Lee, arrested in late December in Thailand, is suspected to have laundered millions of dollars through Crown Resorts. Presently, Lee is fighting an extradition effort to Australia as the country steps up its efforts to fight organized crime. As per United Nations estimates, this crime syndicate is responsible for around 70 percent of the methamphetamine entering this country. Mr. Lee, a part of a high-profile gambling tour business, is suspected of having partnered with Crown to launder drug funds in millions out of Australia in 2012.

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