CT Gaming bags Casino Management System of the year award

CT Gaming received the prestigious Casino Management System of The Year Award at the BEGE Expo 2022. This award was attributed to its contribution to the delivery of one of the finest casino management systems ever created. The grand awards ceremony was duly held at the Club Megami at the Hotel Marinela, Sofia. An audience of all the bigwigs from the relevant industries was in attendance.

As part of the ceremonies, in addition to CT Gaming, which received the highest honor, the names of another eighteen deserving winners who were the proud recipients of their respective prizes were also announced. Coincidentally, this was the 13th time the awards ceremony had been held. One thing that stayed constant was that each and every award winner represented the absolute best industries in their respective fields.

Robert Stancu, who happens to be the Regional Sales Manager Romania at CT Gaming, duly gives the entire credit for this enormous achievement to all of his involved and expert team members. In his opinion, each and every connected person has put in an extensive amount of time, effort, and dedication in pursuit of successfully achieving their single-minded goal. The trial-and-error process was there, along with the occasional hiccup, but they were all collectively determined to fulfill their dream and bring the most favored casino management system to life.

Additionally, in his opinion, the system was developed while taking into account the varied gaming locations. This will cover the full spectrum, from the smaller, seemingly insignificant gaming rooms all the way up to the larger, already-existing casinos. The numerous slots and live games that are now offered will also be included simultaneously. However, it will continue to highlight the fact that it also provides a variety of player-tracking options. Overall, the system will offer complete control over all aspects of control pertaining to slot machines, live games, and analysis-related concerns.

Janice Graziano

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