Cutineers To Enjoy Hunting Game On Blockchain Cuties Network

Designed as the world’s multi-blockchain collectible game portal, Blockchain Cuties has announced the exciting launch of the tribute Cutie genome hunt event for the adventure game lovers. The contest went live for the users on August 5, challenging Cutieland’s breeders and investigators to play their best shots. The news was circulated in the blockchain gamers community via a Twitter post which read:

The intriguing contest has opened doors for the players to start the first phase of their hunting spree with an intention to crack the clue before other participants. The team will hide one never-seen before tribute Cutie genome in its future posts and communication modules. Tribute Cuties are adorable pet creatures that depict some of the most popular characters belonging to the pop culture. These amazing characters will be hidden in the game and will give a tough time to the players in finally discovering them quickly.

The hidden genome will have symbols that are required for the tribute Cutie and X-es, for the parts of the genome that can represent any value decided. For instance, in the genome sample “XXX4XXaXX1,” the symbols 4, a, and 1 are compulsory sections of the tribute genome. On availing them into a Cutie’s genome, it will convert it into a tribute genome. The spots representing X character can be anything. The first part of the tribute genome shall be posted first, and on collecting all the parts, the users need to arrange them in a chronological way to decode the correct set. The interested players need to look for genome on Twitter, medium, chats, channels, or any other media source.

Finding the hints might be a tiring task for many, but a true Cutineer will easily find the right sequence. The hints shall be given in the form:

  • A part in a picture given on any media channel of the platform
  • Through an email message
  • Through live broadcast

After collecting all or a majority of genome parts, the users can start breeding their cuties. In case of any trouble, you can reach out to the Cutineer community and work as a team instead of a single breeder.

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