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Drake loses $500,000 in Bitcoin betting on the NBA finals

Famed rapper Drake has been reported to have lost $500,000 worth of Bitcoin in the NBA Finals. The musician placed the amount on the Texas team Dallas Mavericks.

While the rapper lost the bet, if the team had won, the wager would have paid $1.375 million. The Boston Celtics clutched the game with a 106-88 landslide in Game 5 on their home ground.

As expected, the result sent waves across the NBA online betting circuit. Drake was among those who lost the huge wager, and the rapper appears to be on the verge of losing the NHL wager as well.

In an Instagram post, Drake said, “Dallas cause I am a Texan.” The post also stated that Drake confirmed placing $500,000 on the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals as well. The rapper has wagered the amount on the Edmonton Oilers.

If the BTC sports betting wager is successful, Drake will win back $1.025 million. While the rapper seems confident about the Oilers, the team itself does not instill the same feeling. The Oilers will enter Game 5 down 3-1 against the Florida Panthers.

Both series commenced 3-0 against Drake’s chosen teams. In both cases, the losing team made a comeback to win Game 4. It remains to be seen whether the Oilers can force Game 6 when the Mavericks cannot.

As one of the most popular musicians, even this outrageous amount does not seem to matter for Drake. Moreover, the rapper is an official partner of Stake, the well-known betting platform. Even then, losing $500,000 of BTC, or possibly $1 million, is not the best outcome. 

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