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Ecuador vs. Senegal, FIFA World Cup 2022 Updates: Senegal wins the match with a 2-1 score

It was a hard-fought match between Ecuador and Senegal. The live win probability strongly favored the Senegal team, with a vote of more than 95% at the end of the match. In FIFA World Cup Group A match, Senegal secured the second position, while Ecuador persisted in the third position after its defeat. 

Sarr from the Senegal team was the first one to make a goal in the match. When half-time ended, Senegal was still leading with a score of 1-0 against Ecuador. After the interval ended, things started looking better for Ecuador as Caicedo made a draw score of 1-1. However, the joy was short-lived as  Koulibaly from Senegal scored another goal. 

Senegal made 14 shots, while Ecuador was close with 9 shots. Ecuador had the upper hand in possession with 62%, and Senegal was left with 38%. In performance, Ecuador had a better pass accuracy of 77%, as Senegal was behind with 67%. On the other hand, the Ecuador team faced a lot of fouls, more than the two times that Senegal settled for. 

Football fans supporting either team at the Khalifa International Stadium were lucky enough to see no red card displayed to their favorite players. Even though Ecuador took the hit, the players fought till the end to make it a draw, but Senegal guarded it against happening.

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