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Enjoy Poker with Huge Winning Bonanza offer from HexaPro

One of the popular poker games, HexaPro has come up with a new Daily Races promotional offer for gamers. The contest has total prize money of €27,000 that is up for grab. The procedure to get into the contest and win prizes is quite simple.

Finer details

First, you need to buy the HexaPro game, and irrespective of the result of the game, you will earn points. Secondly, you need to keep track of all the competitors in the leader board to record your and competitors’ performance. You will be eligible to get extra points every second time you achieve a multiplier of 1.5 (i.e. 1.5x). To make the game even more interesting, HexaPro has announced that all the prizes will double on Sunday. This means Sundays will be most exciting and fun-filled for gamers.

The points and prizes for the game have been categorized into three segments—low, mid, and high. In low category, only €1, €2, and €5 buy-ins are considered while in mid, buy-ins of €10 and €25 are included. The high category has got buy-ins of €50 and €100.


The promotional offer is sure to draw more gamers to its fold. By adding extra prizes to the game, HexaPro wants to make sure that gamers get altogether a new level of excitement while playing the poker. So, if you are also a fan of the poker then this offer from HexaPro is the one you should definitely check out and try. Don’t forget to try on Sundays as all prizes are doubled compared to other days.

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