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Ethan Yau manages a winning amount of $592,000

Ethan Yau, who is not only a most sought-after poker vlogger but also a WPT global ambassador, managed to make for himself a winning amount of $592,000 at the prestigious  Hustler Casino Live’s Million Dollar Game. This historic occurrence took place somewhere during the third day of poker play. In order to be able to claim this very win, he took upon himself the immense risk of calling a bluff amounting to $600,000. For all practical purposes, the three days of hardcore poker play were nothing short of extreme excitement and thrills.

All through the game that was played out, the blinds stood at $500 to $1,000. When it was Yau’s turn to play, he raised the blind amount to $9,000 with a hand, nothing to write home about. On the other hand, his versatile opponent, Handz seemed to have been better off with a more promising hand. He, too, pitched in his part of the blind amount. A third player, Pav, too, stayed on, contributing his lot to the kitty. All three of them continued to raise the stakes, with Pav managing a straight $15,000. Yau took the cue and made his own pitch of $50,000. When Pav was asked to declare his hand by Handz, he realized it was time to quit, leaving the two players to fight it out for the winner’s title. At that point in time, the kitty amount stood at $144,000. 

Between the two of them, Yau continued to pressure Handz by increasing the kitty amount to $175,000, with Handz, too, falling in line and not relenting. However, at this part of the game, Yau took the final jump and pushed in an amount of $618,000. That was the signal for Handz to finally give in after a final cursory glance at his hand. Since there was no show called, Handz requested Yau to grant him a sneak peek at his now-winning hand and realized he had fallen for the bluff from Yau’s side. It turned out to be a risk taken by Yau, which was more than worth it and saw him walk away with a winning amount of $592,000 obtained through just a well-played-out bluff. This is what history is made of. 

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