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FIFA and Calm bring mental wellness tools ahead of the FIFA World Cup

FIFA has established a partnership with Calm, an application that promotes mental health awareness by providing tools for meditation, sleep, and relaxation. The upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022, FIFAe Nations Cup 2023, and FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 have all designated Calm as their official mindfulness and meditation product.

This news arrives ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be staged in Qatar and begin on November 20 of the same year. The partnership between FIFA and Calm will extend the benefit to everyone in the football community. Also, a huge number of volunteers, workforce personnel, and players will get a free Calm subscription.

Ahead to the 2022 FIFA World Cup and other international FIFA events, supporters will have access to a unique promotion offering a 50% discount on a Calm membership. The promotion is open to personnel and volunteers participating in the Men’s and Women’s FIFA World Cup.

Calm’s mental health tools have been well-received by those who have used them. Regular users of the Calm app have reported significant benefits, including an 81% reduction in stress, an 84% improvement in mental health, and a 73% improvement in sleep quality. In addition, a heightened awareness of mental health has assisted numerous users in addressing mental illnesses before they become serious crises.

The Director of FIFA’s Medical Services, Andrew Massey, emphasized the importance of caring for one’s mental and physical health, saying that they go hand in hand in ensuring a person’s overall happiness. Andrew added that it is crucial to create a positive environment that values mental health and well-being.

As per the latest sports news, Calm’s Vice President of Partnerships, Fergal Walker, stated that the platform was happy to collaborate with FIFA and was enthusiastic about the future of the partnership. Fergal emphasized that Calm would continue to incorporate mental health into football for all members of the football community, including players, fans, and staff members.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has brought considerable attention to numerous significant subjects. Mental health is the most recent addition, indicating that FIFA stands for more than just football. With the month-long tournament only a few days away, participants who are betting on FIFA can also look into the aspect of mental health. Informing as many people as possible about this issue is important because it has far-reaching consequences.

Calm and FIFA are looking beyond the recent partnership. They plan to create mindful content to help members find their calm during match days and other days.  A number of webinars and educational online sessions will be held to teach gamers, employees, athletes, and fans how important it is to take care of their mental health.

Professionals who have been through traumatic mental health experiences can come forward to be a part of this collaboration.

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