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FIFA WWC 2023: US dominance ends, upcoming knockout matches

The US has been eliminated from the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. They were up against Sweden in the Round of 16, where the fixture went to 120+ extra time. Both sides remained goalless throughout the session, forcing referees to finally end the game and take it to the penalty shootout. The US were favorites to sweep the penalties fair & square when Nathalie Bjorn missed her chance to net the ball. However, tables turned instantly in the next shootout when Megan Rapinoe reciprocated that effort.

It was finally the 5-4 score that was shown on the board after the penalty round. This marked the first time that the US had been eliminated before the Semi-Finals. Also, this is for the time that the US has gone without a win in 3 consecutive games in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Fans are calling this an upset, and for all the right reasons, one can assume.

Whether one person is a fan or not, it always disappoints when heroes fall against their villains. It is favorites falling against their opponents in the world of sports. Disappointment, nonetheless, remains constant. Fans want a happy ending; however, that is not consistent in sports.

Talking about the first time, Sweden won a penalty round in the World Cup for the first time. They lost to China in 1995, and that was the last time the game culminated to that moment.

Sweden has now entered the Quarter-Finals, where they will lock horns with Japan on August 11, 2023. Spain and the Netherlands have also cemented their spots in the next knockout Round.

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium saw the US dominate the game in terms of possession and number of shots taken for the net. Musovic had a hard time defending her side, majorly because 11 shots were right on target. Sweden could only respond with 1 shot on target. Naeher had a relaxing time unless the game went to the penalty shootout.

The US and Sweden were on the field with the formation of 4-2-3-1 mirroring on both sides. Most of the sites for FIFA esports betting had their odds stacked in favor of the US, assuming that they would be able to harness the formation in a better way. The 4-time World Cup winners could not capitalize on their efforts. There was a chance in the 89th minute when Morgan was closer to netting the winner. Her header pushed the ball to the bottom-left corner, but then it bounced by the touch of Musovic for a wider push. Another chance came up in the 96th minute, with Morgan again leading the strike. Musovic pushed it for a corner.

Nothing much happened after that, and both teams went for the extra time again and then for the penalty shootout.

The next Round of 16 fixture is between England and Nigeria, with England as the favorites. Denmark will take on the co-host in the following match of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

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