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Gaming Kiosks Betting Launch at Massachusetts Awaits Detailed Study

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has now come forward to announce that the region could start engaging with regulated sports betting activities by early 2023.

That wait is not so far if one checks the calendar unless the excitement is way higher than the patience. Bill Stetson, the owner of Rumbleseat Bar & Grille, interacted with the media when they were on the road capturing the reactions of common citizens. Bill Stetson said it was important for the Commission to follow through on their obligations to do a study, checking if Kiosks are viable in bars and restaurants.The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is on a tightrope with the year-end as the deadline to complete the study.

Bill Stetson has spent a good amount of time lobbying state legislatures asking for the inclusion of bars and restaurants. He has also spent a lot of time explaining to customers that it will take time for the gaming kiosks to arrive at the venue. Confusion pertains to customers assuming that the kiosk would be automatically available after signing the pact in August.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has categorized the license into three parts.

Category Details:-

Category 1It allows betting to happen on sites like casinos. Category 1 license is expected to be launched by January 2023.

Category 2It will be granted to greyhound racing and certain horse sites where people can visit and place an in-person wager.

Category 3Category 2 license will take a little longer to be launched, with a tentative deadline of early March 2023. It boosts mobile sports betting in the region.

Conditions are still relevant, and the timeline may see some adjustments. Once done, online sports betting sites will go live and invite interested users to register on the platform to place their sports bets. Similarly, interested punters can physically visit a site and entertain themselves with a bet.

Many discussions have been over the timeline, but if Carlos Gonzalez is to be believed, there was never really a time. The State Representative answered a question related to the survey status stating that there was never a timeline; however, they could finish their job by the end of January next year.

The Commission will take until the end of 2022 to take a call if an additional license will be required by small businesses to operate sports betting at the venue.

It can delay the launch for small businesses, and customers will have to look for another location. Owners will surely attempt to keep the gap as low as possible and aim to get over it at an accelerated pace.

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