Gear Up for St’ Patrick’s Day With Lucky Live Draw Along With Several Stunning Features

If you are gearing up for St’ Patrick’s Day, you must be aware of some requirements that you need to fulfill. A lucky live draw is scheduled to be held for the first ten players for 2000 TRX and 300 TRX each. The players will be required to submit their entries in order to be eligible to participate in the lucky live draw.

If you are keen to enter St’ Patrick’s Day Lucky Draw, you will have to fulfill all the requirements. It is worth noting that the first 10 participants need to meet all the requirements so that they can receive 300 TRX. And, there will be an additional 500 TRX bonus for the maximum likes and retweet on Twitter.

According to information available, the 2000 TRX Lucky Live Draw winner will be chosen at RANDOM via the row of DICE on the company’s Telegram channel. The admin will be expected to use Wowrollbot in Telegram to keep things fair and transparent. For instance, if the wowfollbot rolls number 2, the 2nd retweet will be chosen as the Lucky Draw winner and the winner will receive 2000 TRX.

According to reports, all the winners will be selected on the St’ Partick’s Day, March 17, 2020. And, the prize distribution ceremony will be held on March 18, 2020.

The contest will begin on March 14, 2020, at 8 in the morning and will continue till March 15, 2020, 7:59 am. In order to participate in the live lucky draw, the participants will need to meet the following conditions mentioned below:

There will be a minimum bet of 5 TRX per play. Players do not have to be in any sort of demo mode while they participate in the yet to be held contest. Participants need to like and retweet St’ Patrick’s Day Lucky Draw’s latest leaderboard winner’s tweet.

Participants must retweet along with a screenshot of at least 10 Free And 4 Multiples playing St’ Patrick’s latest Fortune Treasure game as showcased.

The screenshot must contain the wallet address/player id. Meanwhile, mobile players will need to offer two screenshots.

And, participants need to submit their retweet screenshot on D7’s official Telegram group wherein they will be required to tag admin@ShaolinKinfu and their Wallet ID.

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