Get Richer with Red Tiger Gaming’s Path of Destiny

Red Tiger Gaming is releasing the slot game Path of Destiny with an Indian theme on Deity Ganesha in elephant avatar shortly.

The Ganesha Coin symbols appear randomly on any base game spin and the Lucky Spins bonus round. They spin around to showcase the same symbols across before settling for a specific one. The players hold their breath as the symbols rotate from a high paying to a low paying before settling for either. The spin may end in meager to massive wins.

The game’s volatility is rated at 4/5 and hit of 1/5. The max win possibility along with high volatility and average default RTP makes the game interesting. The max that a person can win goes over 1,380x times. What makes the game interesting is the Lucky Spins bonus round and Ganesha Coin Random symbol. The game’s default RTP is set at 95.71%. The bonuses are the fun part when the player manages to trigger them. The base game also offers some interesting wins with Ganesha coins, and once you get hooked on to it, it gets hard to leave the game.

If you land on Lucky Spins Symbols on reels 1,3 and 5, you can win another ten free spins. The 2 Scatter Symbols will retrigger the free spins for you on reel 1, 3, and 5. In the middle of the game, the Ganesha Mega Coin symbol may appear in the middle of 3 reels. It is a 3×3 super symbol and operates just like Ganesha coins in the base game. Throughout the game, the player is hopeful to see it appear in full view and covers and flips through symbols to disclose a premium symbol that pays equally. The graphics are very pleasing visually. The Path of Destiny is set in a red and gold background. Its lower-paying symbols range from ace to 10s. The Lotus Flower, along with a statue and a Face Mask, and a blue and gold bowl, is the premium symbols that pay highly. The Scatter Symbols distinguish themselves with the phrase “Lucky Spins” printed on them and have an intricate design of a temple depictions on them. The Ganesha Coin symbols are designed on a red background and have a golden Elephant God Ganesha, in the foreground. Red Tiger slots have done a great job of the game visually also.

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