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Initiatives Taken by Casinos and Resorts to Bring Back the Customer Confidence

In the wake of a growing number of coronavirus cases, we are witnessing intensified measures taken by various industries across the globe. Especially the hospitality industry is leading the change from the front as many companies have announced the mandatory requirement of wearing the mask by all guests inside the premises.

Take, for instance, the recent announcement by MGM Resorts in which the organization has made wearing masks as a mandatory practice for all the visitors and the guests across its properties in the United States of America. The decision has been taken to ensure that spread of the coronavirus can be stopped effectively.

The Caesars Entertainment Corporation has made a similar decision. According to the official release of the company, all guests will be required to wear the mask all the time with the only exception being the time of drinking and eating. It is important to note that this policy is universal and will be applicable to all the properties of the corporation across the globe.

Measures taken by Sahara Resorts 

In order to reassure visitors about the various safety methods, Sahara has announced that all rooms across its properties will be thoroughly disinfected. Further, the resort authority said that special attention would be given to the high contact areas during the disinfection process so that any chances of spreading the virus can be minimized.

This is really a very reassuring step taken by the Sahara and will go a long way in building customer confidence. Further, Sahara has collaborated with the Teneo hospitality group, one of the well-known groups working in the field of global sales, to complement its sales and marketing efforts.

This coming together is expected to help increase the potential of holding meetings and conventions in the Sahara resort.


Given the severity of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, all steps taken by different organizations will definitely help to bring down chances of contracting the virus. More importantly, these steps will reassure the customer and bring back the confidence that the hospitality industry requires desperately at this point in time.

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