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Investigations Reveal New Findings in Duck Creek Casino Shooting Case

The latest finding in the recent shoot-out that took place at Duck Creek Restaurant has revealed that the 62-year-old culprit named Bruce Pofahl was an ex-food and beverage manager at the eatery inside the Oneida Casino estate. He was removed from his post and banned from working at the venue earlier this year by the court of law. The man is accused of killing two people and injuring one person at the Duck Creek premises.

According to the report, Bruce entered the Duck Creek Kitchen and Bar in Green Bay on Saturday and executed the merciless killing of innocent people. The two victims killed during the incident were Ian Simpson (32) and Jacob Bartel (35). The statement by Brown County Sheriff Todd Delain revealed that the culprit shot the victims at a wait station at close range using a 9mm handgun right in front of dozens of people. There are reports that Bruce was looking for a specific person when he entered the eatery, though the name of the person has not been disclosed.

The sudden turmoil caused by the firing created a lot of chaos inside the premises, with people running away and screaming for help to save their lives. Despite all this, Bruce did not stop his killing spree. He shamelessly came outside and shot yet another restaurant employee named Daniel Mulligan (28) with his gun. Soon, the Green Bay police team arrived at the casino and opened fire on Bruce. The struggle between the cops and the killer ended with the latter losing his life.

The officials were able to save the life of Daniel Mulligan as he was admitted to the Milwaukee hospital quickly. His condition was serious but stable. Talking about the cops’ decision to open fire on Bruce, Todd said that it was justified as he was a threat in himself.

Elizabeth Walker, the supervisor at Oneida Nation Casino restaurant, took a restraining order against Bruce from the court earlier in March. She wrote that Pofhal was fired on account of various reasons, one being harassment.

In her petition, the supervisor also mentioned that Pofhal had been threatening her and her family members through texts and emails. Bruce refused to attend the hearing citing that his medical complications might cause him to catch COVID-19 easily. The court commissioner granted the restraining order but did not restrain him from owning a firearm.

The Oneida Casino Chairman, Tehassi Hill, addressed the incident as scary. He added that the casino prohibits entry with firearms. Hill suggested that the tribe should frame strict guidelines for the casino in accordance with the investigation findings by the team.

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