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Jayson Tatum pulls up Game 7 for the Celtics versus the 76ers

The Boston Celtics have won the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals versus the Philadelphia 76ers. It was Game 7 that saw the series tally at 4-3 when the final score approached 112-88. Jayson Tatum played as if everything depended on this game, which as a matter of fact, did.

Tatum believes that the basketball series could have concluded against them in Game 6 itself. Jayson registered one of the best knocks of 51 points throughout the basketball game, accumulated across four quarters to ensure that the team makes it to the Eastern Conference Finals. This advancement makes it the second consecutive time for the Celtics to make it to the Finals.

The Celtics ended the first half on the edge with 55-52. Tatum contributed 11 points in the first quarter and 14 points in the second quarter. It was ultimately the third quarter where Tatum outplayed the opponent all by himself in the NBA Conference Semifinal. Jayson booked 17-10 against the 76ers and finished the segment with more than half of his team.

He went as low as 9 points in the concluding quarter. The damage, nonetheless, was pretty much done in the third quarter anyway. The Celtics were at 33 in total over 10 scored by the 76ers.

Tatum’s finish came from a combination of 17/28 field, 6/10 3-point range, and 11/14 free throw line. He is now also the first in the basketball history of the Celtics to have multiple. 3, including play-in games, with 50+ points to his name. He also scored the maximum number of rebounds in Game 7, 13. Jaylen Brown follows him on the list with 25 points and 6 rebounds to his name.

Marcus Smart, who previously acknowledged that Tatum’s Game 6 performance was not up to the mark, has called his basketball performance in Game 7 a big movie. Smart further stated that Jayson was able to play some of the difficult shots.

Al Horford appreciated Tatum’s performance, saying that he is proud of how resilient Tatum is, especially at a time when the entire series had not been fine for him. The 76ers fell way short of coming closer to Tatum’s performance. The best one from their side emerged to be Tobias Harris, with 19 points to his name. He is then followed by Tyrese Maxey, with 17 points to his name.

One of the reasons why Game 6 is being discussed is because Tatum put up 19 points throughout for the victory of 95-86. A close game like this saw NBA betting sites put up odds mostly in favor of the 76ers. Marcus Smart scored the most with 22 points and 7 rebounds.

Another reason why the series could have been over in Game 6 is that the 76ers were 3-2 till Game 5. Another win to their side and the Celtics would have fallen behind, unable to catch up to the dramatic fall.

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