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Juventus advances with a 3-0 victory over Nantes in Europa League

The Europa League is seeing tough action in Serie A, with the most recent one coming from the face-off between Juventus and Nantes. Action-packed from every angle, the event saw Angela Di Maria score a hat trick for a clean sweep against Nantes, who could not find the net even a single time.

After the gates opened in the fifth minute, there was nothing to prevent Maria from bringing another one in the twentieth minute. The latter error was caused by Nicolas Pallois, whose hands lost control of the ball. The third blow to Juventus came in the 78th minute. The aggregate score presently favors the winners 4-1.

Argentina is still buzzing from their World Cup victory, as evidenced by their body language and momentum. Credit also goes to Kean, who led the line-up of 3-5-1-1. Juventus succeeded in retaining possession with 61% against 39% for Nantes, as per the latest sports news.

Lafont led the charge to get as many shots on target as possible. Nonetheless, a single player from the other side found the net. A forthcoming match against Torino has already produced favorable outcomes for Juventus on several German sports betting sites. It could be because of their previous victory or because their overall ranking on the table differs by one team. Napoli is at the top, having won all five of their past matches back-to-back.

Meanwhile, Leverkusen has clinched a 3-2 victory over Monaco with an aggregate score of 5-5. The match went to penalties, where Leverkusen led by a difference of 2 goals with the final tally of 5-3.

Wirtz started the series with a goal in the 13th minute. It received a response as early as the 19th minute. Through the penalty kick, Yedder leveraged the moment to even the score on the board. The first half ended with Leverkusen retaining the lead when Palacios found the net immediately after two minutes.

Adli went in for the action in the 58th minute and left the other side wondering if two goals would now suffice for the extra time. Just a single in the 84th minute helped them come closer; however, efforts went for a toss when the final whistle blew and the loss margin of 1 remained at the final tally.

A significant disparity exists between Sporting and Midtjylland, with the latter suffering a goalless loss to the former’s four goals. The sole highlight was an own goal scored by Stefan in the 85th minute. The defense was responsible for deflecting the attack. Instead, they scored a goal for the opposition, resulting in a 5-1 loss overall. Coates scored the game’s first goal in the 21st minute, before Pedro scored twice. Paulinho’s red card temporarily weakened the defense.

Returning to the Stade de la Beaujoire, Juventus celebrated their 3-0 victory over Nantes. There’s more to come in the Europa League.

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