Kindred Group Notes 4.3% Surge in Harmful Gaming Revenue for Q2

As the gaming sector gains global acceptance, the market is witnessing harm related to the activity too. Kindred Group’s 4.3% increase in harmful gaming revenue supports the statement. The company is constantly trying to promote sustainable gaming but witnessed an increase in Q2.

Kindred stated that the company is contributing to creating a sustainable gambling market by conducting a fact-based and open discussion with industry stakeholders. The group even initiated a campaign named Journey Towards Zero back in February. The initiative aims to decrease the company’s harmful gaming revenue to 0% by 2023.

The gambling operator explained that they intend to stay transparent when it comes to user data and promote awareness about responsible gambling. Kindred is also finding new and effective ways to restrict high-risk gambling.

A 4.3% increase in gross winnings came from high-risk players back in 2020. During the first quarter of 2021, it went down to 3.9% but jumped to 4.3% in Q2.

However, the company also shared the improvement effect after it intervened with some high-risk players. As a result, the improvement effect has constantly risen since 2020 Q4, where it was 75.7%. It reached 76.6% in Q1 2021 and 76.9% and Q2.

Henrik Tjärnström (CEO of Kindred Group) stated that the company experienced a constructive and positive dialogue throughout the industry in the previous quarter. Kindred witnessed significantly positive outcomes in the sustainable gambling market. The operator is constantly discussing and finding new ways to help the sector. Facts drive every discussion, and Kindred wishes to achieve every goal set for the year.

Henrik continued that despite the revenue in harmful gaming increased in Q2, the company expected such fluctuation. The Kindred team is still focused and dedicated to bringing down the revenue to zero.

Considering that the company is dedicated to bringing down the number, it will not be surprising to see if it reaches zero before the intended deadline.

David Bright

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