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Kings Announce Mike Brown as Coach in Hopes of Better Performance

Mike Brown has been introduced as the new coach of the Sacramento Kings with a primary task to end a 16-year non-winning streak. Mike Brown has committed to making the team a consistent winner by teaching leadership skills in all the core departments.

He replaces Luke Walton, who was hired in 2019. Luke Walton’s career with the team lasted until November of the previous year, after which Alvin Gentry was allowed to fill temporarily in his shoes.

It was May 2022 when Mike Brown was hired; however, he stayed with the Golden State Warriors through their postseason run as the victory parade continued on the field. Mike Brown now takes over from Alvin Gentry after leaving the Kings with 30-52.

The winning percentage of the Kings is 0.366, the lowest since the 2017-2018 season. Mike Brown has an immeasurable task, which he believes can be done by building leadership skills in the necessary departments. He is also determined to make the team a consistent winner in the time to come.

While addressing the press, Mike Brown thanked everyone from the Warriors’ land and added that he had been brought to the Sacramento Kings to bring leadership in some areas.

He went on to share his experience by saying that he has been with a lot of teams, and he has observed that only a winning culture can get an organization to the top with the investment of effort throughout the years.

Mike Brown highlighted that his core job was to lead in developing that culture, which he believes is the soul, and the stronger the soul is, the better that organization will be.

The Cleveland Cavaliers hosted Mike Brown on two different occasions, with one of them resulting in a win at the NBA Finals in 2007. He has coached the Los Angeles Lakers as well. Demanding occasions had seen him rise to the occasion, especially when he had to step up to cover for Steve Kerr in the Golden State Warriors after Kerr caught Covid-19 and missed three playoffs for the side.

The Sacramento Kings have had only a single stretch of goodness in their life from 1999 to 2006. The team was under Rick Adelman, who took the team through the playoffs in all eight seasons. Rick Adelman was fired in 2006, leaving the team in its gray days as there has been nothing substantial to showcase since then.

Mike Brown enjoyed a moment with the Golden State Warriors, who won the championship for the fourth time in the last eight years with the recent one against the Boston Celtics.

The goal is to pull a team that has been at its lowest in the last couple of years. It is not a challenge per se, but the moment is far from becoming a reality for the team, management, and fans.

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