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LeBron James and Bill Russell have the 5th most playoff double-doubles in NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers are behind the Denver Nuggets by 2 games after losing the second game. The final tally stood at 108-103 in favor of the Nuggets. However, LeBron James has managed to secure some of the headlines by scoring the 5th most playoff double-doubles in the history of the NBA. He now jointly holds the spot with Bill Russel, who has a total of 137 double-doubles in the Basketball match.

The list is topped by Tim Duncan with 164 playoff double-doubles. He is followed by Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, and Shaquille O’Neal. Their numbers stand at 157, 143, and 142, respectively.

James reaches the spot with 22 points that he scored in the recent event versus the Nuggets. He also registered 9 rebounds plus 10 assists. Austin Reaves matched the same number, except he tallied a lower rebound of 3 and a lower assist of 5. Rui Hachimura comes second on the list with 21 points.

Contributions went down the drain when the side fell short by 5 points. The Nuggets were able to take the tally to 108, with the final quarter playing a major role in their victory.

A full scoreboard reveals that the competition was pretty neck-to-neck. The first quarter, for instance, saw both teams bring in a total of 27 points to the board. This was followed by the Lakers gaining an edge with a positive margin of 5 points. The first half, therefore, ended with the Lakers looking at victory.

Momentum shifted when the Nuggets broke the chains and allowed Jamal Murray to give his best shots. The effect was such that he brought a total of 37 points for the Lakers. As for the team, they managed to move 2 points above the opponent as they scored 28 points against 26 by LeBron’s side. They were still 2 points ahead. Meaning there was a chance for them to equalize the number of games in the series.

The Nuggets finally reached 32 points to compete with 24 points scored by Los Angeles. Denver now leads the basketball series with 2-0 to their name.

The margin was not wide in Game 1 either, courtesy of Anthony Davis’s 40 points contribution. Game 1 off 7 saw the final tally of 132-126, majorly the result of the first half, where all the Nuggets did was maintain the aggressive lead. The Lakers began shooting rings in the second half but fell short at the end.

As for Game 2, many NBA betting sites were expecting the Lakers to bounce back; considering their 4-2 victory over the Warriors, it even looked like a possibility. Experts are now out to put some of the blame on James and Davis in the NBA Conference Finals.

Antony and LeBron form one of the most talented basketball duos in the present time.No matter the situation; the Lakers still have five more NBA games ahead of them to prove their worth.

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