Casino News Review – Promotes Honest Legit Online Casinos is a whistle-blower website in its truest sense. That is to say, it reviews the vast casino industry and brings out the legit casinos by matching certain criteria, whether the casinos are licensed and regulated by a certified software, the longevity of the casino, etc.

Also, unless a gaming website is backed by a distinguished head office, it cannot be deemed as legal. looks into these minute details to tag a casino as legit.

Online Blackjack Websites Reviews

There are myriads of risks involved in playing online blackjack. Often, owing to the poor play, players lose real money wagers or sometimes even the entire session that leaves them devastated. These threats inflict massive damage to the player’s bankroll if due care is not taken while placing the bets. Some of the important factors mentioned by Legitimate Casinos that need to be considered while playing safe blackjack on the internet are discussed hereunder.

  • Reliable gaming site

Always do proper research before choosing a reliable gaming site. Check out the list of both the rogue casinos and the top-rated ones to streamline your searches for legit casinos.

  • Know the money collection procedures

As you are playing with your real money, it is of utmost importance to know the procedures of withdrawing your money, because the depositing and withdrawing procedures may not be similar. Get informed before risking your first bet by going to the FAQ section of the gaming websites that should have all the detailed instructions regarding withdrawal methods available, expected waiting time, documentation required, etc.

  • Beware of identity thefts

Identity thefts are serious issues in online gambling. To combat this, make sure that all the account information and passwords are protected. Do not allow others to access your computer or mobile. Always log out when your session expires. Use anti-virus software to ensure protection.

  • Stay away from gambling addiction

Losing self-control can bring in serious catastrophes in one’s personal as well as professional lives. Stop chasing after losses hoping to win them back. Stop using funds that are meant to pay your living expenses. Knowing where to stop can help maintain the integrity of the game.

 The legality of Playing Blackjack for Real Money

There are various risks and regulations associated with playing online blackjack with real money and the players need to abide by all those regulations before they deposit any money. There are various blackjack laws specific for each country, so the players who want to play online blackjack with their real money should check with their lawyers before beginning. Laws are also made based on geographical locations; therefore, checking with the local jurisdiction at zero cost is also an alternative before starting off to play, to avoid any hassles afterward.

 Online Gaming law & Gambling law in the USA

The USA does not permit to play online gambling on a nation wide level, each state is deciding if they wish to legalize online gambling, like New York and New Jersey. So far a few states allow online sports betting, bingo and scratch cards. But not online casinos since Vegas and Indian tribes present legal blocks for this to happen.

There are hundreds of restrictions as to the gaming laws in the U.S. In order to operate an online gambling site, owners need to stay outside of the US. According to US critics, online gambling leads to increased political and higher crime rates. This is why the US government has not yet legalized online gambling in the nation. In fact, the gambling laws in the US are governed by 3 sets of gaming regulations. 1 each for the local, state, and federal jurisdictions.

Therefore, the key to finding a safe and secure casino is to do your own proper research. Checking out the gaming website, googling about reviews, checking the listings, checking with the third-party authorities giving out reviews, are some of the parameters that help in finding out the most legit websites.

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