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Liverpool is ready to take on Tottenham. Can Tottenham handle the losing pressure?

The Premier League is underway, and Liverpool and Tottenham are scheduled to next face each other at Anfield. It will be one hell of a scenario when both enter the field, for Tottenham comes after losing two matches back-to-back. On the other hand, Liverpool is charged up with three consecutive wins.

The streak will break for either team unless they land a draw, which has a 21% chance. This is higher than the winning chances of Tottenham at 18%, against the winning chances of Liverpool, at 61%.

A lot of credit goes to the cemented defense of Liverpool that simply refuses to take the cut, which allows another player to find the net. The total number of goals could dance around two, with Liverpool finding the net two times as their opponent struggles to make it to the scoring point. Simply put, the final tally could be 2-0 in favor of Liverpool.

The team also carries odds of -170 against +425 for Tottenham and +350 for a draw. Odds for the three situations differ based on the platform one refers to. However, there is nothing to deny that Liverpool could inch higher on the leaderboard after April 30, 2023 (Sunday). Figures echo the prediction by 22bet, details of which can be seen in the 22bet review. Tottenham walks in with a weaker team but high enthusiasm for breaking the losing streak.

Liverpool last lost to Man City by 4-1. It was the final blow, following which there was neither a draw nor a win to their names. Liverpool has been pretty careful about not getting into unnecessary trouble that contributes negatively to its final points on the chart of the Premier League.

West Ham came close to drawing the match from a point where it appeared they would actually hand over the defeating emotion to them. Lucas made it to the end successfully in the 12th minute. Six minutes down, and Cody responded for his side to bring them at par. Matip delivered the winning goal in the 67th minute. No more goals were scored for Liverpool to emerge victorious, dominating the game with 73% possession.

Things have been different for Tottenham, especially considering the previous match versus Newcastle. Now the 3rd-ranked team, Newcastle cliched the liberty of scoring six goals while allowing the opponent only to make it to their side a single time. Jacob Murphy and Alexander Isak scored doubles; Jacob grabbed the first opportunity in the 2nd minute of the game.

Following that action, the fixture saw a total of five goals scored by Newcastle in the first half. That kept the action intact and Tottenham on the edge. Harry Kane attempted to bring his team back to the game, but it was too late. A goal in the 49th minute denied Newcastle the clean sheet, but it did little for them to win the game.

Weak defense and weaker 4-3-3 attack formation cost them the entire game. Making things worse were three yellow cards given to Romero, Skipp, and Kulusevski.

A 2-0 game is mostly on the way when Tottenham and Liverpool meet at Anfield on April 30, 2023, at 11:30 am ET.

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