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Cambodia Bans Online Gambling: Says The Activity Might Be Instrumental To Illegal Activities

The government shocked various people in Cambodia by stating that it is banning online gambling. Due to online gambling, the casinos were able to attract money from China. However, the government now suspects illegal activities in the country; it is for this reason that the government of Cambodia took the drastic step. It is also being said that the step may be taken by the government to maintain the order in the public sphere. The crackdowns had been coming on the gambling activities for a while. However, this directive comes as an order to end all the online gambling activities in Cambodia.

In an incident last week, over 127 Chinese nationals were arrested. These officials were accused of carrying out activities like illegal online gambling and extortion ring. Foreign threats to the security of the country, like this one, is a major reason for Cambodian governments shutting down all online gambling operations.

China, being a neighbor of Cambodia, invests a lot in the country. However, it has also been criticizing the regulations imposed upon the various sections of business in Philipinnes that follows a model similar to that of Cambodia. Cambodia went along with this decision to protect the industry from the criminal activities carried out by the foreign officials within the country, as said by the authorities of the nation.

There is still time before the investors learn about how the other Asian countries react to the step taken by the government of Cambodia, will they support or oppose this move is yet to be determined.

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