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Official Opening of the Hann Casino Resort in Clark Today

As per the organizer, Hann Philippines Inc., the Hann Casino Resort in Clark, Philippines, will have its soft launch on Wednesday, December 15th, in the evening.

The previous Widus Hotel & Casino complex will be expanded and rebranded as part of the new plan. Hann Philippines announced a PHP12 billion (US$238.3 million) investment in April of last year.

In addition to Hann Casino, the Clark Freeport complex includes the hotel chains Swissotel Clark, Clark Marriott and will ultimately include a Mercure Hotel. The resort’s first phase was supposed to be completed by the end of the last year. However, the promoter – previously identified as Widus Group – said in October 2021 that the release would be delayed up until recently due to the virus. The launch of the property will draw tourists and investment to the area, helping to jump-start the Philippines’ economy and revitalize the local economy.

On 19th November, it was stated that the Philippines’ task team in charge of the country’s Covid-19 emergency had “approved in principle” the entrance of visitors from nations judged low chance of exposure to the infection, as long as they were adequately vaccinated.

However, on 30th November, the Philippine Department of Tourism stated that it backed a choice made by the country’s global epidemic working group to prohibit international visitors from entering the country for the time being due to public concerns about safety raised by the onset of the Omicron variant of the viral infection.

According to the Philippines News Agency, an official press organization, the Philippines initially planned to permit fully-vaccinated visitors to cross the border from December 1 to December 15.

As per Hann Casino Resort’s promotion, the complex’s staff are subjected to rigorous swab tests for Covid-19 disease, and much more than 90% are completely vaccinated against the virus.

In a second release, the promoter stated that it had partnered with Forsspac, a Philippines-based startup that developed equipment that fed fresh air via the ground and expelled stale air through the roof.

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