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OG Introduces Crypto-powered $OG Fan Token at

Chiliz ($CHZ: Binance) has reported that the leading OG poll on fan engagement and rewards app is open and functioning. It also implies that admirers of the esports company will now have a unique way to get involved with the team. And, for the first poll, OG urged the fans to select which in-game banner will be used by the team’s DOTA 2 Roster in the upcoming season and in The International.

It is worth mentioning that OG fans have been using $OG Fan Tokens to cast their vote in the poll, thus emerging as the first esports fans all across the globe to sway their team by using Fan Tokens.

Earlier in the year 2015, the team had clinched the initial Dota 2 Valve major, and since then, OG gained significant prominence all across the world. It also grabbed three more Valve major titles, thus emerging as the only team to finish off successive Dota 2 World Champions in both 2018 and 2019.

At the end of the year 2109, OG has boosted their positions as an esports powerhouse by introducing a stunning CS:GO roster and also producing OG Seed in a bid to assist grow Dota 2 players.

It is important to note that those who will be possessing $OG Fan Tokens will be allowed to vote. Fans may, therefore, buy the $OG Fan Tokens available exclusively at the OG Token Offering (FTO), which has become open now at

The cost of each $OG Fan Token is kept at $1 and it may also further depend on the exchange rate of Chiliz $CHZ, which is the digital currency of Soon after getting possession of $OG Fan Tokens, they can be used to participate in all the upcoming OG votes on the app.

Fans will receive reward points for participating in OG polls and engaging with the team via They will also get a chance to get access to event tickets, VIP meetings, special OG merchandise that may include signed jerseys, among others linked to OG.

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