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Oneida Casino Plans Mobile Betting After Opening Permanent Sportsbook

The Oneida Nation opened its sportsbook in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Friday. The Oneida Casino is anticipated to launch its brand-new online wagering platform just before the kick-off of the Super Bowl. Chad Fuss, the CFO of Oneida Casino, revealed to NBC that customers are increasing every week right from the playoffs. A lot of foot traffic will be observed during the playoffs the first weekend. The NFL’s popularity has been on the rise with every single week before the run-up to the super bowl. 

Following a new gaming compact agreement with the state, sports betting began in November at the Oneida Casino and in Wisconsin. Gamblers at the venue can wager on the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Milwaukee Brewers, as well as other sports events, including college sports, with the exception of Wisconsin college teams.

There was a slight delay in the September launch of Oneida due to issues in equipment delivery. Scott Fuss also stated that the goal is to make the people come and have the time of their lives at the super bowl. They provide seating, a full open kitchen, and a bar to provide the best gaming experience to visitors. 

The Oneida  Casino Sportsbook has seen a substantial amount of NCAA basketball betting during March Madness, and managers are hoping for a minor dip in foot traffic between the two events. According to Fuss, the casino’s management has noted a “diverse” audience of bettors of various ages and degrees of expertise using the facility since its inception. Read more about NCAA basketball in our complete guide and get to know how exactly you can start betting on basketball.

The Oneida Nation has entered into a strategic partnership with IGT (International Gaming Technology for the dissemination of infrastructure and software applications for the sportsbook. The system is being touted by gaming magazines as refreshingly user-friendly for both customers and employees.

The Oneida Nation is also looking to scale up its gaming operations with a dedicated mobile app. According to the Green Bay press gazette, customers can place their bets just by being physically present inside one of any ten franchise-owned commercial buildings. Along with the geo-fencing present today on seat reservation, it completely eliminates the presence of unauthorized bets from an external area.

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