ONWIN leaves Bet365 behind in live betting services

The crypto market at the macro level is struggling with a few issues. That, however, is not stopping the crypto sphere from making it big in the live betting segment. Several operators are competing to survive, with ONWIN and Bet365 being two of them and also the focus for the moment.

Bet365 was established in early 2001, and it has made its name in the industry. That is now under threat, with new players coming up with innovative solutions. Over 2 decades of hard work, and yet, the question of survival makes fans cringe. Consolation is that new players are turning out to be better.

ONWIN has introduced some attractive features like live betting during sporting events and live casinos. Plus, the integration of Montrapay Crypto is powering the payment mechanism where players can choose to leverage their digital holdings to settle a transaction. Some of the digital assets accepted at ONWIN are BTC, ADA, ETH, and DOGE. The list is likely to expand the options in the days to come.

Also, the odds are pretty competitive at ONWIN in comparison to other players in the market. Adding to these features is the list of bonuses like a Welcome Bonus of up to $250 for players who want to play Bingo. A slot bonus of $2,000 also awaits, with a playing bonus worth $50.

Bet365 rides on the success of sportsbooks and online casinos. Every Bet365 review looks at these offerings as its USPs, enabling the brand to re-establish its position in the market whenever the need arises. The question, for now, is if Bet365 is moving with time, considering how widely the crypto sphere has spread across the globe.

Players look to utilize their holding wherever possible. Bet365 does allow players to send money through a BTC wallet, but other wallets cannot be integrated, and direct token transfers cannot be executed at the moment.

Keeping Bet365 afloat is its multilingual property that supports 17 languages, with the platform accepting 29 currencies. The Soccer Accumulator Bonus rolls out up to 70% bonus as a part of the series of bonuses for players.

It is fair to assume that Bet365, or any other brand for that matter, may be well established in the market, but that position can come under threat at any time, especially when a new player enters the market. It is all about innovation and making it accessible to players everywhere.

Sites running live betting services are looking at crypto as the potential payment option. Most of them have integrated crypto into their list of payment options, and others are working to follow the trend. BTC tops the list, with others slowly making their way to the chart.

ONWIN accepting fiat and crypto makes it a better player for those who are not comfortable with the crypto transaction. Bet365 does have a lot to introspect about if it wants to stay young forever.

Michael Grant

Michael writes news articles covering covering whole casino industry. He is passionate about online poker games. He regularly contributes in-depth news stories regarding casino industry and legislations.

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