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Poker Tournaments Scheduled as COVID-19 Charity Drive

The industries across the globe are coming together to support each other in the fight against the global health crisis. The Poker, Gaming, and Casino industries are making numerous efforts by making charity and donations to raise COVID-19 relief funds. 

Recently two renowned poker platforms announced a charity drive tournament who’s money will be funded for the ones in need. 

Feeding America is an organization started in 1978 which aims for food donations, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization with over 200 food banks across the country.  

Along with few known names America Cardroom has announced a poker tournament ‘All-in for America Charity.’ The tournament will take place on April 11, 2020, at 2:00:00 pm ET. Collaborating with Feeding America, this charity game aims to fund the organization to provide food to the ones in need during the time of the global health crisis. 

Apart from this, Run It Once Poker is also ecstatic to announce their COVID-19 Charity Stream. Run It Once Poker will be hosting a poker tournament on April 11, 2020, with 32 player heads with 16 pros and 16 donators. 

Run It Once Poker will be donating €10 for each player who will be playing once on the Run It Once poker tournament. Along with this, the Double Up Drive, an organization that aims to raise funds for charities has also pledged $250,000 to donate for the COVID-19 response.

The world has been fighting to combat a deadly virus and industries and organizations across the globe are leaving no stone unturned to come forward and help. The gambling industry is seen making numerous efforts and charities to help the health officials and the government to provide essential medical equipment for treatment or to help the ones with essential funding. 

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