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Polk Defeats Dwan to Advance to the $25K WPT Hu Championship, Facing Antonius

The beginning of the World Poker Tour Heads Up Poker Championship has been worth every penny, with a total of 32 players going heads up against each other in the first round at PokerKing. The ongoing five-day event commenced on June 18, features a $25,000 buy-in, with the first round already taking place on June 18-19, respectively, accompanied by an elimination round taking place each day after until the final match holds a winner on June 22. The players go one on one against each other for three straight matches, with the player winning the most matches proceeding ahead for round 2.

Tom Dawn takes a defeat from Doug Polk

The most anticipated match of World Poker Tour Heads Up Poker Championship’s round one was the match between Doug Polk and Tom Dawn. Known as the Old-School legend Dawn grabbed a lead by winning the first of the three matches when his King-Seven bettered Polk’s Ace-Jack. It wasn’t the end for the online heads-up poker god Polk as he came back winning the next two matches. Polk outplayed Dawn’s King – Deuce with his King-Five in match two, making a whole house on the river. Match three got exciting as both the players held pockets in their hands; Dawn Pocket-Duces failed to better Polk’s Pocket-Sixes. Hence Polk was declared the winner of round 1.

Clean Sweeps

There were few matches in round one where the players swept their opponents by winning the first two matches.

  • Stefan” Stefan 11222″ Burakov eliminates Timothy Adams.
  • Alexandra Botez eliminates Rumay “Hafu” Wang.
  • Anthony Zinno eliminates Danny “Shiphtur” Le.
  • Stephen Chidwick eliminates Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger.
  • Jean-Robert Bellande eliminates Lynne Ji.

Close Matches

Along with PolkVsDawn, other players battled each other till the last match.

  • Dan Smith eliminates Steve Aoki.
  • Olivier Busquet eliminates Linus Loeliger.
  • Tuukka “ButtonClickr” Sevanen eliminates “毛毛虫999.”
  • Daniel Dvoress eliminates Brad Owen.
  • Christopher Kruk eliminates Nick Schulman.
  • Wiktor “Limitless” Malinowski eliminates Nick Petrangelo.
  • Phil Ivey eliminates Manig Loeser.
  • Darren Elias stops “KK国王KK1.”
  • Sam Greenwood eliminates Kevin Rabichow.
  • Patrik Antonius eliminates Gakuto “GACKT” Oshiro.
  • Doug Polk eliminates Tom Dwan.

With the conclusion of Round one, everyone’s eyes will be on the match between Doug Polk and Patrik Antonius in the second round, already excited as a match of the ages. 

Apart from that, there will be other exciting matches in round 2, with Anthony Zinno vs. Phil Ivey, Darren Elias vs. Stephen Chidwick, Alexandra Botez vs. Sam Greenwood, Stefan “Stefan11222” Burakov vs. Daniel Dvoress, Olivier Busquet vs. Christopher Kruk, Tuukka “ButtonClickr” Seven vs. Wiktor “Limitless” Malinowski, and Dan Smith vs. Jean-Robert Bellande.

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