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Popular Gambling Slangs in Casino


Gambling is a combined gaming experience of risk, judgment, and money. When gambling, a player hardly knows how the game will end up. It might bring more money on your side of the table, or you might lose all the money you gambled.

There are many types of gambling, such as lottery, scratch card, Poker, and Blackjack, betting sports, etc. Casinos are also one type of gambling. Digital advancement has brought gambling to people’s phones and now we can gamble online.

Most of the time, especially when you are learning to gamble, gambling slang would fascinate you as much as the game itself. Knowing these slangs is a sign that you know your game. Though you hardly use these slangs while playing, knowing them boosts your confidence. If you have ever watched Ocean’s series, you will know most of the gambling terms and slang.


Here is the list of gambling slangs:

Here are a few slags and their meaning. These are the most used slangs and hence important to know:

Beginner’s Luck: It is when a new player who is unlikely to succeed wins the game. Beginner’s luck is the unexpected (or undeserved) winning of a gambler when he starts out for the first time. Some also call it honeymoon period.

Fish: Fish is a new player.  If the person is new to gambling, he/she will be referred to as “fish.” It is a very informal way of introducing someone new to gambling.

Cage: Every casino has a cage. It is where all the money of the casino is kept in safe vaults.

Hot: The player is referred to as “Hot” if he/she is on a winning track.

Jackpot: This word is widely used in common conversations too. However, in the gambling world, Jackpot is a huge chunk of money a person earns through lotteries or playing a slot machine.

Juice: One more hardcore gambling slang is “Juice.” Juice is a commission earned by the casinos in the winning of each player (playing with that casino).

Cold: Cols is exactly the opposite of Hot. It is used about the player, table, or machine, which is on the losing streak.

Whale: Whale is a gambler who puts huge wagers on one bet. Such a person is also called “High Roller.” These are people with a capacity for spending big money.

Chase: You are said to be chasing when you play to get back all your losses from the previous wager. However, it is said that one should not waste money and efforts in chasing the lost money and the typical consequences of this act are contradictory to the expectations of the chaser.

Bookie: Bookie is a “Bookmaker.” Bookie is the one who facilitates gambling, accepts & places bets, sets odds, and pays out for winnings on behalf of other people.

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While you start playing online gambling or get a chance to visit gamblers’ paradise Las Vegas, we hope these slangs help you in playing it cool!

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