RAiG Publishes Key Details of Social Responsibility Audit for Members

The Responsible Affiliates in Gambling or RAiG has released key information of its social responsibility audit that will guarantee that the concerned RAiG members conform to the appropriate UK regulatory needs.

The audit is expected to be repeated on a yearly basis and will lay emphasis on the enhancement of consumer protections within the gaming industry. It will also enable effective implementation of sound practice measures within the industry.

The social responsibility audit is crucial in deciding how RAiG functions. Sarah Ramanauskas, the senior partner at the Gambling Integrity, carried out the audits. She said that the concerned companies could have been more committed during the audit process, and all of them have passed.

The structure for the audit will comprise an interview with the management wherein it will highlight crucial issues like their method to compliance and direct marketing. Meanwhile, an evaluation of the internal policies and processes linked to the promotion of licensed products will also be executed.

RAiG is also expected to perform a sudden spot check of at least 100 pages of the products for promoting regulatory compliance with every member required to offer a list of the products it controls that cover the UK market.

Other activities will include a sudden spot-check of at least 10 instances of direct marketing and a sudden spot check of nearly 10 members’ social media accounts.

The auditor will thereby carry out an analysis of the discoveries and categorize the recommendations into three parts, namely suggested improvements, urgent improvements, and serious failings. Suggested improvements refer to an activity that falls below the expected compliance requirements. In such a situation, changes should be introduced within 30 days.

RAiG was established in the year 2019, and it is expected to lay focus on boosting a secure gambling atmosphere for customers. In the beginning, it comprises three crucial players in the UK gambling affiliate sector that may include Racing Post, Better Collective, and Oddschecker.

The main goal of RAiG is to boost standards in the sector, particularly linked to responsible gambling.

RAiG’s chairman, Clive Hawkswood, said,

RAiG’s chairman, Clive Hawkswood, said,

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