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Rank Extends Its Partnership to Help Unpaid Carers in 2021

In an important development, the association between Rank and Carers Trust has been extended to the year 2021. Carers Trust Network is involved in helping unpaid carers by distributing grants and in this work; Rank has been playing a crucial role by raising the money. Since its inception in the year 2014, Rank has been successful in raising around 2.6 million Euros which had, in turn, benefited over 12,000 carers. The funds had been distributed to these unpaid carers through a total of 120 local charities working under the flagship network of Carers Trust.

Untiring efforts

The impact of these grants on the life of carers couldn’t be overemphasized. Not only this money has helped them to sustain their living but also give them a respectable position in society. Money has been granted for carers for buying essential household items such as washing machines, cookers, beds, furniture, etc. In addition, the money is also granted for their hospital visits which ultimately make life more manageable for these unpaid carers.

Rank’s Contribution

Right from the start of the partnership, Rank has been instrumental in raising the funds for the Trust Network. One can estimate the commitment of Rank from the fact that in the last 12 months, it has been able to raise 300000 Euros. Not only Rank but its collaborators are also helping to raise the fund wholeheartedly. Take, for instance, the fundraising drive by the colleagues of Rank from Mecca in December last year which resulted in a collection of around 39,000 Euros. In addition, Mecca also invited unpaid carers over lunch, thereby providing them a much-needed Christmas break.

It’s important to note that even during this coronavirus pandemic, all stakeholders across the Rank have been working hard to support fundraising for the Carers Trust. Although it was not possible to have a sponsored fundraising event but still the spirit of helping led the Rank to organize the Walk the UK challenge which witnessed huge participation from the team members.


The extension of the partnership has paid carers a big time. Both economically and emotionally, this has helped carers to live a respectful and meaningful life. This also testifies the spirit of empathy and care that Rank practices as a part of its operating philosophy. We expect this partnership to go beyond 2021 so that unpaid carers continue to get their rightful due in society.

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