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Rhode Island Launches New Mobile Sports Betting Application

On September 4, 2019, a new mobile application for sports betting has been launched. Now, residents and visitors of Rhode Island can bet on the sporting events with the help of this application from anywhere. But, the state is facing many legal issues regarding mobile sports betting as it is a constitutional violation.

Last year, the General Assembly legalized the sports betting, but still, the constitution of Rhode Island need gambling approval by statewide referendum and a vote in all the cities and towns. There are only two cities, Tiverton and Lincoln in Rhode Island that is voted to legalize sports betting. But people can use this application to bet on sports across the state. To use the application, it is important to set up an account from the two legalized casinos of the state.

The chief of information and public relations for the Rhode Island’s department of revenue, Paul Grimaldi said that the legal requirement of the state is satisfied because two places have this technology and the flow of betting can be run from these two physical locations.

Daniel Harrop who is a psychiatrist and a former Providence GOP Mayoral candidate, argued that the mobile sports betting application violated the article of the constitution of Rhode Island. According to the laws of the constitution, a right is given to the residents to vote on the expansion of gambling.

According to Harrop, this is not just a case of betting or gambling. It is about the right and constitutional issues. He is not an opponent of gambling.

Harrop is worried about the sports betting expansion to the other locations of the state. It will cause issues for the people who are struggling with gambling addictions. Using this app, people will be able to bet from their home on some of the best online sportsbooks, and there will be no need to visit a casino. 

A public information officer of Rhode Island’s Attorney General, Kristy dosReis wrote that the status of the sports betting case is still in the review process and the court will soon respond to it.

Grimaldi said that they would follow the decision that the court will take. He added that mobile is the source where all sorts of gaming with products and services are being offered now. They are expecting to be popular not just for football but also for all the major sports. 

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