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SAHARA Las Vegas Refuted Rumors of Closing Operations

In an important announcement, SAHARA Las Vegas has refuted rumors that it is going to close its operations later this year. The SAHARA Las Vegas tweeted, calling these claims unfounded, that it was a deliberate attempt to malign the image of the company and its employees.

A separate press statement has also been issued by the SAHARA Las Vegas, which refuted the social media claims about its possible closure. The statement also confirmed the commitment of Alex Meruelo, the owner of the property, to the project while emphasizing that the project will continue to remain operational and has no plans of halting its operations.

Finer Details

It is important to analyze the tone and tenor of the statement coming from the president and general manager of the property, Paul Hobson. Hobson said that it was not the policy of the company to respond to internet gossips. Still, given the unprecedented time the world is going through, they found it compelling to come out and stated the social media rumors that are deliberately spread to deface the image of the company. Just for you know, the property is fully operational since its opening on June 4, 2020. Before the 4th of June, the property was closed following the guidelines and directions issued by the government.


The overall effect of COVID-19 on Los Vegas and the casino industry is quite detrimental. Since the restrictions are lifted, Los Vegas is finding it difficult to attract gamblers as people continue to stay at home to avoid the contraction of the virus. This has impacted the whole casino industry quite considerably, with many small properties finding it difficult to manage their finances. The present situation is quite bleak and its chances of recovery in the future are also not very positive. In such a gloomy scenario, experts are following closely developments of how the future of Las Vegas, the Mecca for casino gets back to its feet and ensure its business sustainability in the long run.

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