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Shane Warne’s Son Outplays 400 Celebrities at Melbourne’s Charity Poker Tournament

Shane Warne’s 20-year-old son Jackson Warne has inherited not only his dad’s looks but also his prowess. In a recent Charity Poker Tournament held in the Melbourne Museum on Wednesday night, Jackson outplayed 400 players that included renowned celebrities, including his dad. The event was organized by Tony Hachem, the brother of the former (2005) winner of the World Series of Poker, Joe Hachem.

The poker was a charity event to raise funds for the Australian Sports Foundation’s Grassroots for Kids. Players could rebuy 10,000 chip any time. A 10,000 chip rebuy would cost AU$100/US$69, whereas a fresh stack chip worth 20,000 could be bought for AU$200/US$138. After the add-ons and rebuys were over, Jackson was unstoppable and he beat his dad and many other celebrities.

Jackson was awarded with a brand-new Kia worth $20,000, along with a lavish stay at the Star Hotel, flight fares to the Gold Coast and VIP tickets to the Poker event next year to be organized by Hachem Management Group. Losing the poker game to his son was more of a win than a loss in real terms. Warne was super excited to lose to his son than to win and this shows how much he loves his kids. After retiring from cricket, the former captain of the Australian cricket team became a poker aficionado and has been participating in many charity and professional poker tournaments. Hunting was his another interest in which he participated with his son.

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