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Super Bowl Creates Record Wagering Bets of $6.8 Billion

Super Bowl betting is on the rise this year, with around 26 million American consumers planning to place a bet in Super Bowl this year. As per AGA (American Games Association) reports, approximately $6.8 billion would be spent this year by the American consumers making the percentage spurt by 15% than it was last year.

The massive increase in the number of bets in the Super Bowl is the result of the exploration of legalized sports all across America. In this regard, Bill Miller, the AGA president and CEO said,

Bill Miller, the AGA president and CEO said,

This year, the Super Bowl matchup is expected to be held on February 2, between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. To have a track on the number of bettors placing a bet in the Super Bowl this year, the AGA conducted a survey taking around 2200 adults. The survey brought out surprising reports. As per AGA, one-in-ten Americans plan to bet on Super Bowl LIV this year. Out of the 26 million Americans who plan to place the bet, approximately 4 million would wager in person at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook, which has increased by 25% as compared to last year.

Again approximately 5 million will bet through a mobile or online platform, either through the legally licensed operator. This trend has increased by 19% from what it was last year. On the other hand, a million others will wager with a bookie, or simply with family or colleagues. The report also revealed that 52% would be supporting Kansas City Chiefs while the remaining 48% will wager for the San Francisco 49ers.

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