Tech Innovations & How They Have Added Value to the Gambling Industry

It might be intuitive to believe that constant innovation equates with constant positive updates. However, you cannot even fathom the actual improvements of the rapid integration of the newest profitable technologies unless you do a deep dive into a particular industry.

For gambling, things move in a similar fashion. Only the best inventions and software can bring forth top-notch offers like the exclusive coupons from KingCasinoBonus. For an overview of gambling and the in-vogue tech trends that it uses, keep reading!

Laying odds has been a part of societies since Ancient times, probably just as close to us as the methods of divinations people used to tell the future. Ancient Asian and Middle Eastern cultures allowed and enjoyed precursor dice games and later, betting on animal fights. Games either faded in popularity or stood the test of time, evolving towards the first casino opening in the flourishing state of Venice in 1638.

Ancient Asian and Middle Eastern cultures

One major automation in the gambling world was the creation and spread of slot machines. Originating in the Big Apple (Brooklyn to be precise), the original ones only had 3 rows, 3 reels, and fruity symbols. They were popularized in bars at the time, as they used to dispense coins or loose cigarettes as their prizes. Who would have thought, at the end of the 19th century, that slots would rule the online gambling world to this day? There’s no way that an online gambling website does not have at least one classic slot or video slot option for users to enjoy.

Current day gambling relies on a variety of systems that push the entire process into a better direction and, most importantly, in a safer direction. Here, we present to you some of the software and concepts used by the overwhelming majority of gambling websites.

Random Number Generators

Did you know that you can make Google pick a number for you between any limits you’d like? On the same basis, software of a small scale in terms of storage space are integrated into casino games to ensure that the slot combinations or the playing card sequences appear totally at random. Using these programs, the fear of rigged games is eliminated completely. If you see a place licensed by the UK or Maltese Commissions, you can be sure they use some sort of RNG.

Artificial Intelligence

A small percentage of the things that happen at the back end of a gambling website is done automatically, through the use of AI. The main purposes it serves are a better customer support experience and a highly customized marketing experience. For the first one, the logic is simple: you introduce your issue to an AI assistant, that ultimately directs you to a human specialist. For marketing, the use of metadata and tracking cookies will, after some time, bring you ads and suggestions that you will actually find useful.

Enterprise Content Management

Think of this technology as a library of documents that has the particulars of a smartphone or any kind of smart device. All the important documents that a business uses are stored in a Cloud-like space, encrypted for safety, and then stored to be easily accessed. Since an online casino only operates virtually, this type of operating system is used for book-keeping and user-profiles. It can also be used to obey the data protection laws, with its restriction tools.

Omnichannel Strategies

Online sales need to follow the same “choreography” in order for them to reach their intended aim. People have now an awareness of smarter shopping through consumer videos that ultimately educate them, and so marketing strategies need to adapt. Casino sites use this to be as efficient as possible when presenting new options to users like buy-in features and similar offerings.

Omnichannel Strategies

Even if we just focus on online casinos, that does not mean that physical casinos are not greatly impacted by innovative tech solutions, all for the better. Just imagine how much easier a dealer’s life would be if the security cameras that work 24/7 in casinos would integrate face ID, movement sensors, and other things that we already indulge in when using our smartphones. 

Advanced technologies do not only have the role of increasing profit. Looking a bit more in-depth than the fascinating gadgetry and their quirky character, adapting and implementing a new system will create jobs for young people, the category most attracted to the field. In the era where automation systematically deletes entire working categories, it creates new ones, a transformation that is vital for the well-being of the people and, ultimately, the ventures they run and work for. 

Another social aspect that new perspectives touch upon is the awareness of gambling. Informational pages and even help guides to diagnose a potential addiction are necessarily linked to licensed casinos’ front pages. By running a smart system in the background, educating and aiding people is now easier than it has ever been. Self-imposed limits and even therapy have never been this accessible and this convenient, simultaneously.

awareness of gambling

Ultimately, a constant push to bettering both the content and the security of what you offer is smart business and life approach. Old-time gamblers will tell you (that is if they agree to share their tips and secrets) that you need to have a balanced way of gaming. We think you should have a balanced way of building a business too.

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