Tyler “Trainwreckstv” revolts against Twitch’s ban on gambling

The ban on streaming gambling-related content came into effect on October 18, 2022. Twitch analyzed the ongoing trend with #Twitchstopgambling and found it better to stop the practice. While some streamers expressed happiness with the move, others raised their voices against the ban.

One such streamer was Tyler Trainwreckstv. He was one of the first streamers to raise his voice against the ban announced by Twitch. He was supported by Roshtein, Adin Ross, and xQc – among others – who are now estimated to lose a large portion of their income. Streamers who supported the ban were Pokimane, Mizkif, and HasanAbi, among many others.

Tyler recently took the opportunity to reveal how much he has earned in the last 16 months by streaming gambling content. However, he went on to brag about it by saying it was enough to buy Hasan and Poki.

Trainwreckstv clarified the statement when Pokelawls asked if it were true. Tyler is a prolific gambling streamer who majorly earned through Stake sponsorship by attracting tens of thousands of views to his content. The movement to ban gambling-related streaming content did not go down well among many streamers. In some beliefs, the Amazon-owned streaming platform was pressurized so that they could further get the entire category banned. Tyler has streamed his play on several crypto gambling sites and defended his gambling habit.

He had called it a big problem when everyone accused the content instead of the individuals. Tyler had suggested banning those streamers and viewers from spreading fake images of their work. It is true in a lot of senses. Many streamers hide their losses to only show wins, encouraging many followers to use the code and gamble their money. It is only fair when streamers are also on the other side where they lose money and not just win rewards.

Moreover, followers constantly using special codes given in giveaways should also be inspected. They could potentially have a gambling addiction. Tyler expressed his views on September 19, and Twitch took a final call on September 21 by releasing an official statement. To add to this hurtful situation, Twitch named as a site that has been banned from the platform.

Users who follow Tyler have expressed their love for him, with one saying that they will miss old Trainwreckstv and where he came from. Following the ban by Twitch, Tyler once shared his plans for launching his streaming platform where he could live stream gambling content and continue to earn money. Crypto gambling was banned by Twitch after one of the streamers came out with the problem he was facing with gambling. The streamer had revealed that he was in debt after borrowing money from family and friends.

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