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Warriors Lead in Western Conference Finals as Curry Scores 32

The Golden State Warriors flipped the card against the Memphis Grizzlies at the last moment for a 3-1 lead. Stephen Curry pocketed eight free throws in the last 45.7 seconds to snatch the win away from the Grizzlies, toppling their hope of bringing the series to a draw. He finished the game with 32 points in his bag.

However, the win has not been easy for the Warriors as the Grizzlies have all the chances of winning the game until the last minute. The matchwinner Stephen could pocket only 4 of the 14 3-pointers before he pulled off the last-minute wonder. Moreover, the commendable performance given by the Grizzlies made him take 25 shots to get to 32.

Curry also gave eight assists and five rebounds to get his team closer to the western conference finals. He took charge of the team at the right moment when coach Stephen Kerr tested positive for COVID-19. After four games, the Warriors stay strong with a 3-1 lead and are just one win away from playing in the western conference finals.

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Tyus Jones took the board for the Memphis Grizzlies with 19 points, six rebounds, and five assists. However, he missed the 3-pointer when the game was only 53 seconds away. This vital throw could have put the Grizzlies in the front as they finished only 3 points short. Dillon Brooks, who returned after suspension, struggled a bit and settled for 12 points.

For the Warriors, Andrew Wiggins finished with 17 points and ten rebounds. Unfortunately, Klay Thompson, who scored 14 points, missed all seven of his 3-pointers in the game. The game was toe-to-toe as both teams let out their guards several times. While the Warriors could pocket only 24% of their 3-pointers, the Grizzlies are not much ahead with only 25%.

The Grizzlies felt the absence of the All-Star player Ja Morant as their guard in Game 4. Moran suffered soreness in his knee when Jordan Poole clenched while going for the ball in the last game. After this incident, Ja Morant and Grizzlies Coach Taylor Jenkins expressed their suspicion of Poole’s intentions. 

With Game 5 all to occur in Memphis on Wednesday, it is still uncertain whether Morant will be ready for action by then. However, his return seems inevitable after what the Grizzlies guard displayed in the last game. Memphis needs to win in all the upcoming games to stand a chance at playing the finals.

On the other hand, the Warriors’ camp might seem relieved after the last victory. They are just one win away from securing their spot in the western conference finals. It will be their first since 2019 in the finals if they make it.

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