Yggdrasil brings GEM to Reflex Gaming retail for the first time

Yggdrasil and Reflex Gaming have been partners since 2020. They have now decided to extend their partnership by signing an agreement that strengthens their partnership and implements GEMs in the United Kingdom’s retail sector.

GEMs, short for Game Engagement Mechanics, will specifically target terminals that are present in arcades, betting shops, pubs, and other recreational centers. This is the first time that GEMs will be implemented in the land-based sector.

The collaboration resulted in the successful launch of 11 online slot titles with Game Engagement Mechanics. These online titles are Desperate Dawgs 2 GigaBlox and Dublin Up DoubleMax, among many others.

Now that the partnership has been extended, it will see both partners leverage at least one benefit in their favor. For instance, Yggdrasil will see its engagement mechanism debut in the land-based sector. Reflex Gaming, on the other hand, will offer its customers a more engaging experience through proven mechanics.

Stuart McCarthy, the Head of Product & Programs at Yggdrasil, has called it a great milestone while acknowledging the fact that it does strengthen their partnership. Stuart also said that both partners had been successful in the past when they put out a number of high-performing slot games.

He believes that the progress is a testament to the strength of their Game Engagement Mechanics with a lot of potential to enhance the experience for players to a new level.

Matt Ingram, the CPO of Reflex Gaming, stated that everyone in the partnership was happy to learn about the growth and height attained throughout their collaboration. Matt was pleased with how GEMs have performed on online slot machines to date. Bringing the mechanics to the UK players is extremely exciting for us, Matt added.

Reflex Gaming is looking forward to its implementation in the land-based sector. GEMs have a lot of potential to make the collaboration a success.

Reflex Gaming is the largest independent iGaming content provider. It was created in 2004 with a vast portfolio of in-house IP. Over 4,500 digital machines connected to the Slingshot platform are now utilizing the offers. Previously in September, Reflex Gaming and Yggdrasil launched Hillbilly Vegas, a 5-reel high volatility slot jointly through YG Masters program.

Yggdrasil distinguishes itself in the market with its originality and propensity to surprise players every time they visit the site. The business was established in 2013, making it younger than Reflex Gaming. The company then developed the YG Masters Program to bolster the iGaming business. Recently, Yggdrasil earned the IGA Award – RNG Casino Provider of the Year.

The platform operates in 24 licensed jurisdictions. It is backed by operators like Betfred,, Tipsport, Betway, and Pokerstars, to name a few.

Yggdrasil is a B2B platform that performs all its duties as part of promoting responsible gambling.

Reflex Gaming and Yggdrasil have been partners for two years. An extension with a promising future will be worth keeping track of.

Edna Boykin

Edna Boykin started her career as a financial news writer. And, she was withal active in stock trading. From the commencement of her vocation, she is passionate about online poker games. As she likes to play poker and roulette, she knows the casino industry exhaustively. She recently joined Times of Casino as a news writer. She regularly contributes in-depth breaking stories and news updates of the casino industry.

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